Social Navigational Trial & Motorkhana

A social navigational rally / trial to a mystery location for a social BBQ and sealed Motorkhana.

Meet at the start location 9:30am.
Dunedin Ice Stadium carpark, 120 Victoria Road, St Kilda.
Drivers briefing and first car leaves @ 10am.
$25 per car.
This includes BBQ lunch and entry for the Motorkhana at the finish location.

NOTE: You do not need to be a car club member or have any special licence, vehcile or equipment. This is ideal for families and newcomers. Tell ya work mates and friends.!

The object of a Navigation Rally is to cover the route as set by the organiser, to record the answers to questions created by the organiser. Ensuring that you have followed the correct route arriving at the final destination having travelled closest to the correct distance and taking closest to the correct time.

This event is designed as a fun event with some serious bits.
There will be questions to answer about places (or objects) you pass, and team #selfies (photos) to
collect along the way.

Competitor's requirements:
A car with current WoF and Registration, a speedometer and odometer that work.
A driver, at least one navigator.
A clipboard and pen.
A phone with camera.
A phone with data and Facebook for uploading of photos during the trial. (Dependent on a show of hands at the beginning)
A sense of humour.

A Motorkhana is a test primarily of driver skill (rather than outright speed) in which competitors negotiate a precise course usually defined by flags or cones. Motorkhanas are usually held on a tarseal or gravel car park, or a grass paddock.

The Course: The layout of each motorkhana test is free except that no test course may exceed 200metres in length and must be sufficiently clear of spectators and their cars etc.

Any questions, please don't hesitste to get in touch.

Cory Saxton
0274 168 021

  • 14/12/2019
  • Dunedin Ice Stadium Carpark