2009-10 Trophy Winners:



Elms Speed Championship Trophy

Awarded to the Speed Champion

Bruce Saxton


John Swan & Co

Awarded for Fastest time of the day at a specified event

Event: Church Road

Bruce Saxton


Frank Scales & Co

Awarded for FTD at a specified event

Event: Ngapara Hillclimb

Bruce Saxton


Armstrongs Auto Maintenance Trophy

Awarded for best performance in a Road Vehicle

Bruce Saxton


Ted Reid Trophy

Awarded for the most OSCC events competed in

Bruce Saxton


J&A P Scott

¼ Mile Sprint winner          

Phil Winter


Lupp Trophy

Awarded for FTD Class A at specified event

Event: Bethunes Hillclimb   

Malcolm Macleod


James Challenge Cup

Awarded for FTD Class A at specified event

Event: Longridge Road Hillclimb

Scott Cameron


Lin Neilson Memorial Trophy

Best performance in a National Championship competition

Emma Gilmore


John Anthony Trophy

Awarded for meritorious performance in OSCC Rallies

Emma Gilmore


Bruce McInally Memorial Trophy

First in OSCC Club Rally or first in Classic section of Otago Rally

Steve Wellington  (1st OSCC at Lawrence Rally)


Stuart Clayton

Navigator / Co-drivers award

Hudson Biggs


EJG Boyd Trophy


Gavin Wilmshurst


Kerry O’Donohue Memorial

Awarded to a person that has been competing for a while in a variation of events, with good preparation, presented to a high standard, excellent attitude to motorsport as Kerry had

Peter Jackson


Brighton Servicemans Trophy

Awarded for best performance by a novice speed competitor

Matthew Buer


Gregg Sutherland Memorial Trophy

Awarded for Best performance in a clubman’s car, mechanical preparation to be their own effort, presentation to be of a high standard

Ricky Cockburn


Wheelspin Trophy

Awarded for most promising driver, not necessarily the most successful, vehicle used, persons approach to the sport

James Bee


Regent Retreads Rose Bowl

Awarded for best performance by a female competitor, not necessarily speed events

Heather Johnston 


HWM Speed Challenge Trophy

Awarded to the best competitor in a series outside OSCC events

Craig Borley


Southern Mazda Dealers Trophy

Awarded for performance in a Mazda

Craig Borley


Park’n’ Sell Marshals Trophy

Marshal of the Year

Brian Dangerfield


President’s Trophy              

Ross Donaldson




Speed Championship:



Bruce Saxton                 1st place

Mile Wellington              2nd place

Phil Winter                    3rd equal place

Murray Laws                 3rd equal place


A 1300

Chris Chilcott                 1st place, 1300cc Class

Peter Fridd                    2nd place, 1300cc Class

Scott Cameron              3rd place, 1300cc Class


B 1600

Gareth Rollo                  1st place, 1600cc Class

Mark Baxter                  2nd place, 1600cc Class

Stephen Anderson         3rd place, 1600cc Class


C 2 litre

Stephen Turner              1st place, 2000cc Class

Ian Begg                       1st place, 2000cc Class

Murray Laws                 2nd place, 2000cc Class

Alistair Stewart              3rd place, 2000cc Class



D Over 2 litre

Peter Jackson               1st place, Over 2000cc Class

James Knock                2nd place, Over 2000cc Class

Carson Read                 3rd place, Over 2000cc Class




Bruce Saxton                 1st place, 4 Wheel-drive Class

Mike Wellington             2nd place, 4 Wheel-drive Class

Phil Winter                    3rd place, 4 Wheel-drive Class




Autocross Championship:



Daniel Creswell             1st place

Gavin Wilmshurst           2nd equal place

Ricky Cockburn             2nd equal place

Josh Donaldson             3rd place



Brian Dangerfield           1st place, Engine-Over-Drive-Wheels Class

Mark Baxter                  2nd place, Engine-Over-Drive-Wheels Class

Anthony Eyles               3rd place, Engine-Over-Drive-Wheels Class



Mark Harper                  1st place, Rear-Wheel-Drive Class

Nick Black                     2nd place, Rear-Wheel-Drive Class

Robert McConchie         3rd place, Rear-Wheel-Drive Class



Ricky Cockburn             1st place, 4-Wheel-Drive Class

Daniel Creswell             2nd place, 4-Wheel-Drive Class

Phil Winter                    3rd place, 4-Wheel-Drive Class